How to specify a correct condition


When querying the grid using the grid function, you're required to specify a syntactical correct condition.
This might be daunting given that it requires a slight understanding how SQL queries are constructed 


It always helps to understand what is happening behind the scenes.
This page contains a couple of examples of correctly constructed conditions

Assume you are using the table grid editor to manage IT operations on assets.
The grid 'asset' contains the columns name, serial, type, model, location, assignee, status and comment

  • To return all issues that have active assets

    issue in grid ("assets", "status = 'active'")

  • To return all issues that are referring to a router or a blade

    issue in grid ("assets", "type in ('router','server')")

  • To return all issues relating to assets of model iphone (ie iphone 3, iphone 3GS, iphone 4, iphone 5)

    issue in grid ("assets", "model like 'iphone%'")

For more examples check for example the where clause examples on w3schools