DT_UPD and JIRA_USER_UPD are not visually updated after In-cell editing


When using the gd.tracking related fields, updates to the underlying rows are not visually adapted in the tracking fields.



 Assuming you have a grid configuration which is using the tracking fields such as 


gd.columns=astring,DT_UPD,DT_CRE,JIRA_USER_CRE,JIRA_USER_UPD gd.tracking = true gd.tablename=auto_track_01 col.astring=string col.astring.type=string col.DT_UPD=DT_UPD col.DT_UPD.type=date col.DT_UPD.editable=false col.DT_CRE=DT_CRE col.DT_CRE.type=date col.DT_CRE.editable=false col.JIRA_USER_CRE=JIRA_USER_CRE col.JIRA_USER_CRE.type=string col.JIRA_USER_CRE.editable=false col.JIRA_USER_UPD=JIRA_USER_UPD col.JIRA_USER_UPD.type=string col.JIRA_USER_UPD.editable=false



When using in-cell editing (to change the value of another cell (such as col.astring), the tracking fields are not updated visually.



Refresh the browser page - it will load the right values.