Table Grid Editor (legacy) Documentation

Table Grid Editor is now in Basic Maintenance mode

This means that there will not be any further feature development. We will continue to provide licensed customers with technical support and updates in the form of maintenance releases.To enjoy our newest features, have a look at our new product: Table Grid Next Generation

The reason we are switching to the Table Grid Next Generation is technical. Table Grid Editor development started in 2011 using frameworks and components which are not supported anymore. 

The Table Grid Next Generation is an alternative that overlaps the functionality of the Table Grid Editor for more than 80%. It is based on recent technology, a graphical configuration facility, and a much nicer UI. It is compatible with Cloud and Service Desk.  

We propose a migration program with a table grid migration tool and a path to convert your active TGE license to a TGNG license at no cost. 

Are you using the Table Grid Next Generation for Jira Server / Datacenter ? Check the documentation here.

Are you using the Table Grid Next Generation for Jira Cloud? Check the documentation here.

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Welcome to the Table Grid Editor documentation!

The Table Grid Editor is a JIRA custom field plugin allowing you to view and edit database data in a tabular fashion.

It allows you to store detailed information in an external database while keeping process related information within JIRA.

You can use the grid in JIRA for

  • Collecting data from surveys during telemarketing actions

  • Keeping track of test execution

  • creating and managing offers and quotes

  • maintaining your infrastructure configuration

  • More features here


FAQ and troubleshooting