The grid has problems connecting to the database


You have specified the datasource for the grid, but it does not connect to the database and you get an error message: "Could not connect to database jdbc: "

 Error message example:


Often problems of TGE being not able to connect to some database are lying outside of TGE and can be solved by a proper database server configuration. If you are sure that you specify correct url and credentials but TGE does not want to connect then the first thing to check is to try connecting to the database from the command line with the same credentials from the host where JIRA runs.

If that works then the problem is in TGE and please create a support request. If you cannot connect from the command line then the problem lies in the database server setup. Ask your database administrator to help.


To deal with this, please check the following:

  • is your jdbc url correct? The host name, the database name, the port number, etc... are correct

  • did you specify the correct user name and password?

  • does your database server allow connections from the JIRA host?
    The TGE runs in Jira, so even if you are sure that you can connect with your credentials from your computer it doesn't mean that you can connect from the host where your JIRA runs. Ask your database administrator to check if the connection from the JIRA host is possible.

  • keep in mind that the Table Grid Editor creates and updates the tables in the datasource that it works with. So the connected user needs to have sufficient permissions to do that


Known configuration problems

There are some issues which our customers frequently come across

POSTGRES: "Ident authentication failed for user ..."