Filterable options

Filtering was added in 1.2.0 release . Now you can easily filter data in the table. 

This article shows available filtering options, their descriptions, and usage.

Filters support expressions in all available column types.

Filtering options

  • search: type a search term to see all values containing 

  • true/false: type true or false to see the values containing

  • expressions: >/</=/range

Filters usage 

  • String: if value contains search term ignoring case

  • Number: =, >, <, range

  • Integer: =, >, <, range

  • Date: =, >, <, range(must match date format)

  • DateTime: =, >, <, range(must match date format)

  • Time: =, >, <, range(must match exact time format)

  • List: if value contains search term ignoring case

  • Checkbox: true or false

  • Userlist: by typing part of username ignoring case

Expression examples

>a, <b, =n, where a,b,n are column vales 

true/false  - shows checked/unchecked rows