Filterable options


This article shows available filtering options and their descriptions for user to search for a value in grid, with our latest release 1.19.0.

Filters options and usage 

  • With String, Number, Integer, Date, DateTime, Time, List, Userlist, List column types: Table Grid only support search by text value. For Date, DateTime, Time column types, please make sure that the search value match with the exact custom format that user had set in the Column Configuration.

For more information, please read via: Column Types

  • With Checkbox column type: user can search by True - Checked box value and False - Uncheck box value.

Expression examples

Navigate to an issue in a select project, you will see button to filter value in the grid.


User can search for the value in the search box like the example below:


With Checkbox column type, user can search for True/False like the example below: