Send us data about your support case


How to send us data to debug and/or reproduce your issues

As we want to address any support case as effectively as possible, we will need some environmental information to be able to reproduce your case.

Environment data

Always try to provide us with

  1. Open Administration | System | Atlassian Support Tools, switch to Support Zip tab. Select options Application PropertiesThread DumpJIRA Application LogsTomcat Logs. Unselect all other options. Click Create.

  2. Use access to the system that hosts JIRA to get the support zip file. If the file is larger than 100 MB, please create the support zip again but also turn on option Limit File Sizes.

  3. Attach the resulting ZIP file to your support request.


Debug logging

  1. Create a debug log as detailed in How to enable temporarily debug logging

  2. Attach the resulting log file to your issue


Backup of your data

  1. Create an xml backup of your JIRA as detailed in Sending JIRA data to support
    (Optionally) Anonymize the data if it contains sensitve data

  2. Create a zipped copy of the <JIRA HOME>/plugins/installed-plugins directory

  3. Attach the resulting backup and plugin copy to your support request.
    If the data is too large use a data transfer site like