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This is a question one of our users asked regarding how to setup a cascading select


Is there a way to conditionally set the default value of a column based on the value in another column?

For example:
Column 1 Type = List, Values = RHEL 6, Windows 2008
Column 2 Type = List, Values = Linux, Wind 01

If users selects RHEL6 in column 1, then default value in column 2 should be Linux. If users selects Windows 2008 in column 1, then default value in column 2 should be Wind 01.


Step-by-step guide


It looks like you need a cascade select

What might work is for instance

# # First column lists all osfamilies such as linux, windows, unix, ... # col.osfamily.type=list col.osfamily.query = select osfamily from images_d1 group by osfamily col.osfamily.query.ds = jira # # Second column is listing all os versions such as windows 2008 S1, windows 2012 ... # col.osversion.type = list col.osversion.query = select osversion from images where osfamily = {osfamily.value} col.osversion.query.ds = jira

When a user changes the osfamily, TGE will reload the osversion list with the appropriate
os versions.

images_d1 is a driving table.
The layout is a straightforward configuration

gd.columns = osfamily, osversion gd.ds = jira gd.tablename = images col.osfamily = os Family col.osversion = os version


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