JQL search based on the content of the grid

Using Table Grid Editor, you can setup 3 different kind of custom fields:

  • Table Grid Editor custom field: You can view and edit tabular data, stored in local or external database, from within your JIRA issues.
    Easily combine and manage data from multiple systems into one editable and highly customizable table grid. Users can update their data directly in the external database. 

  • Table Grid Reader custom field: The Table Grid Reader is a custom field provided by Table Grid Editor add-on allowing to display results of an arbitrary SQL query as a grid in the context of an issue.

  • Multi Level Cascading custom field: This customfield allows you to create an unlimited number of select lists in a single customfield. Make the choice of the values from the lists dependent on each other.

Only Table Grid Editor custom field and Multi Level Cascading custom field can be used to search for data using JQL.

Table Grid Reader custom field doesn’t support search using JQL.


You've been collecting quite some valuable data in your different grids, and now you are ready to actually report on it.

You can query the grid data with JQL.

For instance the following JQL query searches for all issues which have a task in Open status and are located in the grid, called actionlist

issue in grid("actionlist", "status = 'Open' ")


Ways to search issues by the grid data