Gathering data from the customer portal requests

Get more details about the customer's environment in a support request. 


You can gather information from the create request screen on your Jira Service Desk Customer's Portal with the help of the grid. For example, by setting the grid fields as required you can get all valuable data to start progress on a support ticket.

This helps to improve the support process with product information specified in a grid. 


Let's create a grid and name it Environment details.

Then add the following columns:

  • app: single select list with static options allowing to select the app name; this field is required.

  • product version: single select list with dynamic options that retrieve add-on versions from the Jira data source (grid allows to use Jira database as a default data source); required field.

  • environment version: single select list; required field.

  • comment: string column.


On a create issue screen of the Customer Portal in Jira Service Desk there's a grid which should be populated with required data.

This is how it looks from the user's side.