How to fill in a list with dynamic options

You can fill in your Single Select List or Multi Select List with data from a data source by using dynamic options.

It is possible to combine static and dynamic options in one list.

Dynamic options configuration

  1. Create or edit a Single Select List or a Multi Select List column.
  2. Add Dynamic options by pressing .

  3. Select a data source in the Data Source drop-down. You can either choose your Jira database available by default or connect an external data source.

  4. Enter the queries to get data based on your data source:
    • For REST data sources, specify the JSON Path query. You can also enter the Relative URL, Headers, and Path Parameters, if necessary. Check JSON Path in REST data source article for examples of JSON paths.
    • For SQL or Jira data sources, enter the SQL query.

      You can inject values into the SQL query using placeholders to get the data from Jira objects.

      You need to configure the mapping for the option label and value manually in this case.

  5. Preview your results with Get data.
  6. Configure Mapping for the label and value.

    By default, every dynamic option has a required Label attribute. Labels are displayed as list items in the grid.

    You can map additional attributes by pressing  next to Option attributes. They will not be displayed in the list, but you can reuse them in Formula columns.

  7. Press  to save dynamic options settings.

    After you save dynamic options settings they will look as follows:

  8. Press Add.

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