How to create a grid


You can add a grid directly in the grid administration page or create a custom field of type Grid Custom Field. This article describes how to create a grid.


  • User logged into their account, installed Table Grid Next Generation Server / Datacenter app

  • User created a related Jira project

  • User had the admin role on Jira.


  • User can create grid and use it in a Jira Project

  • User can edit or delete existing grid, or able to display grid on a chosen project.

Add grid from the Table Grid administration page 






In your Jira administration navigate to Manage apps


On the left sidebar locate Table Grid admin menu, select Grids tab

Click Add Grid corresponding button on the top right corner of your screen to add grid.



Fill the Name and Description


In Configuration, user create new column by clicking Add new column or use default columns in Table Grid

In Add column, choose for Column Type

For more information about Column type, please visit here:

User fill required information includes Identifier and Title then click Add to save the column



If user had the existing configuration, then you can click button Upload config to import grid information.

Moreover, user can download the configuration of the grid as a .json file by clicking button Download config and then import it to another grid.

Visit here for more information:


Click “Save” button to save the grid information


Associate the field to the appropriate screens so user can see it on the issue.

In Issues, user click on “Screen” section, with the chosen screen, click “Configure”


When scroll down to the end of the page, user can choose grid by clicking this button:

Click Add to save the grid

User can read more information here: How to define a screen for a custom field


Following these steps, user can create project with Grid


Add a Grid Custom Field






In your JIRA administration navigate to Issues, then click Custom fields

In Custom fields, click Add custom field


Select a Field Type as Grid Custom Field form the list


Add the field Name and Description


Associate the field with appropriate context by select issue types and projects for the configuration.

Click Create to save the Configure context information.


Associate the field with the appropriate screens by ticking the box in column Select

Click Update button to save the information.


The field has been successfully created with the default configuration. 

You can see list of grids in the Table Grid administration, under Grids tab.

You can add multiple grid configurations for one grid using custom field configuration schemes.


Using a grid in Jira Project

Create a Jira project

  • Click Create project

  • Within the chosen Software Project, type the Name and Key of the project.

  • Click Submit to save the project information.

Create an issue with the grid

  • In the main board, user can click the Create button to create a new issue, fill information about Summary and Assignee.

  • The final result should be like this, user can edit the grid information with the pencil button attached on the right side of the table.