Connecting an external data source

You can connect a grid to an a REST or an SQL data source to fill in a grid with external data.

It is possible to connect a data source manually or by importing it.

Connect the grid to a REST or an SQL data source.


To connect an external data source:

  1. Navigate to ⚙️ → Add-onsData Sources.

  2. Select Add Data Source to add a new data source.

  3. Enter the name of your data source in the Name field.

  4. If necessary, add a description of your data source in the Description field.

  5. Choose the data source type in the Datasource Type dropdown. For REST data sources choose REST, for SQL data sources select SQL.

  6. Enter the fields for your data source. For REST data source fields check REST data sources fields. For SQL data sources check SQL data sources.

  7. Press Save.

 To connect a data source to the grid you need to add it into the grid configuration under the Data Receiver tab. For more information check Filling a grid with data from REST or SQL data sources.

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