Table Grid Migration

This page describes how you can transfer Table Grid Editor custom field data and configuration into Table Grid Next Generation custom field.

The reason we are switching to Table Grid Next Generation is technical. Table Grid Editor development started in 2011 using frameworks and components which are not supported anymore.

Table Grid Migration Tool is not Data Center compatible.

Table Grid Next Generation is an alternative whose functionalities overlap 80% of those of Table Grid Editor's. It is based on recent technology. We've designed the user interface for intuitive configuration. The add-on is compatible with Jira Cloud and Service Desk.  

You can join a migration program with a table grid migration tool and convert your active TGE license to a TGNG license at no cost. To convert your license submit a request with your SEN number and technical contact e-mail. We will then provide a new TGNG license with the same data (Jira users, expiry date).

Introduction to the Table Grid Migration Tool

Table Grid Migration Tool is an extension for the Table Grid Next Generation application. It helps you migrate grid configuration and data from Table Grid Editor custom field to Table Grid Next Generation. You can download the tool as a separate Jira Server app

It's a simple tool with an intuitive interface. You need to select the Table Grid Editor custom field you want to migrate. Then validate the grid data and run the migration process. A new Table Grid Next Generation custom field will be created. The field will include the following data from the Table Grid Editor custom field:

  • grid configurations for all field contexts

  • screens configuration

  • all grid data

The extension is free to install and use. 


Since Table Grid Next Generation is not yet feature-complete, the migration process is limited to the supported features only. Check the feature comparison table here.

The following data won't be migrated:

  • Formulas won't be migrated.
      Formula results will be transferred into the new grid. The column type would be the same as the type of results data.

  • Data sources

  • Dynamic list with SQL queries inside

  • Driving Tables

  • Grid initialization properties

  • Multi Cascading Select custom field

  • Table Grid Reader custom field


Use a compatible version of the Table Grid Migration Tool. The version depends on the Table Grid Editor and Table Grid Next Generation versions you are using.








1.5.1 - 1.6.2











How to Migrate Data from TGE to TGNG

1. Navigate to Table Grid Migration Block in your Jira Administration 

2. Select TGE Field 

2. Validate Data

The validation process helps to check if the configuration of the Tale Grid Editor custom field can be migrated to a Table Grid Next Generation custom field.

It provides a detailed overview of the configuration elements that won't be transferred during the migration. 

If the grid includes some configuration that is not supported by Table Grid Next Generation app you'll be notified. The notification includes detailed information about the elements that would not be transferred.

For example, you have a formula in your Table Grid Editor custom field. Table Grid Next Generation does not support the formula from Table Grid Editor. In this case, you will get the following notification.

2. Run Migration 

The migration tool creates a new Table Grid Next Generation custom field with the same data as Table Grid Editor custom field.

You will get a notification once the migration is finished.