Jira fields data source

This article describes a default data source available in the Table Grid Next Generation for Jira Server. 

You can populate the grid with values from other Jira fields. 

Jira fields data source configuration

Navigate to the Grid configuration page and select Data Receiver tab 

1. Select Jira fields data source

2. Select the field from the list

Select the Jira field form the list of supported fields to get its value. 

Some Jira fields have multiple values applicable not only for the current issue but also in the general Jira context. You can select the scope of values for those fields.

The scope can be set to all values available in this field or restricted to the values selected in the current issue where you want to display the grid. 

3. Map the value to the grid column

Some Jira fields have a value with multiple properties. For example, Jira Component has the following properties: id, name, description, and URL.

You can select which property of the Jira field value you want to display in a grid. 

Now when you create an issue in Jira the grid will be initialized with the values from the Jira field you just configured. 

Data source usage