Data Mirror

This article describes how you can save the grid data in the database. 

By default, Table Grid Next Generation stores grid values in the customfieldvalue table of the Jira database. Data Mirror allows you to save values from the grid into the database. 

You need to connect to a database where you want to save the data and configure the data mirror. 

You can create a data mirror in the grid configuration under a tab called Data Mirror. You can select the database where you want to store the grid value under this tab.


Data Mirror Configuration 

1. Connect to a database where you want to save the grid data 

It can be the Jira database which is connected as a data source by default or any external database. Check out the Data source configuration for more details.

2. Configure the data mirror 

  1. Add the database table name

  2. Map the grid columns to the database table

  3. Create a table

  4. Validate the data

3. Save the grid configuration