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A grid can be part of a Jira issue. You can display the issue data in a tabular form using the Table Grid Editor.

Basic View

Following functionality is available:

  • Paginate through the list of rows.
    A page of rows contains by default 20 entries. This value is configurable (gd.pagination.size).
    The pagination controls allow you to jump to the first or last page, go from one page to another.

  • Full screen mode
    The full screen button is a toggle allowing to see a full view of the table grid's content. This comes handy if you have limited screen view.

  • Refresh button
    The refresh button allows you to reload the data from the database. Refreshing the page has the same effect.

  • Sort columns
    You can sort columns in an ascending or descending order, by clicking on the specific column header.

  • Collapse the table grid
    The table grid will collapse to a small icon. By clicking the icon, the table grid will expand again to its normal view.

Filtering on data

When you have a lot of data in a single grid, you can apply a filter to only view the content you need.
Enabling filtering in a table grid is a configuration option.