SQL data sources

This article describes SQL data sources configuration and usage in the Table Grid Next Generation.

Connecting grid to a database allows you 

  • provide user access to data from the database without sharing your database access credentials

  • reuse connected database in multiple grids

You can use one of the supported databases:

  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL

  • Oracle

  • Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Data source configuration

You can add a data source in the Add-onsTable Grid configuration under the Data Sources tab.

Available fields:

Name - a name of your data source connection

Description - optional description of the data source for your reference. It will be displayed below the title in the Data source list.  

Datasource Type - the type of your data source. You can use REST and SQL data sources. 

Database - the type of your database. 

Hostname/IP -  hostname or IP  address of the database server. 

Port -  TCP port number of the server, where your database is stored.

Database Name - the name of your database. If you use Oracle database use your Oracle System Identifier.

Username -  the username used to access the database.

Password - the database user password, used to access the database.


Test the connection before saving to see if it's working.

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