Searching data with a JQL query


In this article we describe how to make a search with a JQL query in the Table Grid Editor for Jira Cloud. 

With JQL you can search issues by entering data from the grid.

You can make a search in a column only if the data in a column is indexed.

To index data in a column check Index data checkbox when configuring a column.


The search could be done by:

  • part of the text or the whole string in the list, user-list, string and textarea column types;

  • a number in the number and integer column types;

  • date, time, datetime in the date, time, and datetime column types.

You can search using JQL search helper pop-up. We've implemented code hints and inline validation to make constructing queries easy.

Search with the help pop-up

We've created a special button that helps to generate a query.

On the top right corner of the issue navigator page, find the plugin's icon that opens a help pop-up.

The JQL search helper will pop-up: 

Start typing your query in the search box and get autosuggestions to build your query.

JQL search helper query format

The format of the query in JQL search helper is following: "GRID_NAME"."COLUMN_TITLE" <operator> "search value"

You can use various JQL operators depending on the data format:

Column type

Data format


Column type

Data format


Date, Time, DateTime

Date: 2024-02-27

DateTime: 2024-02-19 10:00

Time: 2024-01-01 13:00

*Jira don’t support searching by only time, so we will need to add prefix 2024-01-01 in this case

= , != , > , >= , < , <=, IS , IS NOT , IN , NOT IN

UserList, String, Formula, TextArea, Sequence


~ , !~



= , !=, IS, IS NOT, IN, NOT IN

Number, Integer


= , != , > , >= , <, <=, IS , IS NOT, IN , NOT IN

Once the query is ready, click Submit button to see results. A separate page opens to show the search results. 


Please, check the example:

Also check out our guide how to set up and use JQL search