REST data sources

This article describes REST data source configuration and usage in the Table Grid Next Generation for Jira Cloud.

The Data source type is REST. We support only JSON for processing data.

You can access remote REST API using data sources in the grid.

REST data source configuration

Try the example REST data source with users' data

Add a Data source

Navigate to Apps in your Jira Cloud administration and locate Table Grid configuration dashboard. Add a new data source under the Data Sources tab 

Select REST data source type

Available fields:

Name - name of your data source connection

Description - optional description of the data source for your reference. It will be displayed  below  the title in the Data source list. It's useful in case you want to specify  

URL -  URL address of the web service you want to connect to the grid.

Headers - allows adding header fields. You can use them in case the data source requires HTTP authentication

You can test a connection to the data source using a Test Connection button.

Data source usage