How to set up and use JQL search

This guide shows how to set up and use JQL search.

By default, JQL helps to search issues in Jira. With Table Grid, you can search issues by the content of a grid. You can search by the whole string, part of the text, date, time or number. 


You can search data only for indexed columns. To index data in a column check the Index data checkbox when configuring a column.

JQL search helper 

We've implemented a special button that helps you to search by the grid's content.

Click plugin's icon in the top right corner of the issue navigator page to open the JQL search helper.

 The window pops up and you can type the query.

Make sure that pop-ups are not blocked form displaying in your browser settings.


JQL search helper query format

The format of the query in JQL search helper is following: "GRID_NAME"."COLUMN_TITLE" <operator> "search value"


You can use various JQL operators depending on the data format:

Column type

Data format


Column type

Data format


Date, Time, and DateTime


= , != , > , >= , < , <=, IS , IS NOT , IN , NOT IN

UserList, String, Formula, TextArea, Sequence 


~ , !~



= , !=, IS, IS NOT, IN, NOT IN

Number, Integer 


= , != , > , >= , <, <=, IS , IS NOT, IN , NOT IN


The query starts with "GRID NAME"."COLUMN_TITLE" ... As you type, Jira will offer a list of "auto-complete" suggestions based on the context of your query.

The query looks like this:

This query will find issues with the status 'Open' in Grid2.  Where Grid2 is "GRID NAME"; Status is COLUMN_TITLE; = is an operator and Open is a search value.



Check an example below. It shows how to search by the column value, located in the grid.


Congratulations! Now you know how to set up and use JQL to search by the grid's column content.