How to add a View Field grid

View Field is a new type of grid that can be viewed but cannot be modified from the issue view. It becomes useful when showing grid data to customers, or project members that don't need to have editing access. 

To create a View Field:

  1. Navigate to Apps → Manage your apps

  2. Select Grids in the Table Grid menu

  3. Select the View Fields tab

  4. Click Add View Field

  5. Enter a name for the grid and add a short description.

  6. In the Scopes section, select a project where you want to display the View Field grid and choose issue types from the selected project where the grid will be shown. You can also specify a grid position on the issue view by selecting one of the options below.

  7. Add columns to the Field View grid by clicking Add New Column. Check How to add a View Field column to find out more about column configuration.

  8. Configure the grid in the General Settings tab. Check Basic Grid Configuration to find out more.

  9. Set up Data Receiver to connect the grid to an external database. Check the Data Sources article for more information.