Lists in a grid

In Table Grid Cloud, you can create columns with lists.

Single Select List columns are drop-down lists with one selectable option:

In Multi Select List columns you can choose multiple options:

You can fill in the data for the lists manually, with Static options, or from a data source, with Dynamic options.

To create a Single Select List or a Multi Select List column:

  1. Press Add Grid to add a new grid, or press  to edit an existing grid.
  2. Press Add new column to add a new column, or select an existing column to configure it.
  3. Select Single Select List or Multi Select List in Column type drop-down based on the list type you want to make.
  4. Fill in the necessary fields. Field descriptions:

  5. Add Static options manually and (or) Dynamic options from a data source. They will be displayed as list items.

  6. Add Option attributes with , if necessary. For more information about option attributes, check out Adding option attributes to a list.
  7. Summarize the column, if necessary. Enter the name of the summary column in the Summary Label field. Select the formula to summarize the column in the Aggregation operation.

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