Troubleshooting & FAQ

This page provides answers for frequently asked questions on the usage and configuration using Table Grid Next Generation for Jira Server / Datacenter.

This can allow you to find solutions to your questions or problems and avoid to create a support issues for classic / known problems.


What is the difference between the Table Grid Next Generation and Table Grid Editor for Jira Server?

This is a completely new, improved version of the Table Grid Editor.

Following features are completely new in the Table Grid Next Generation:

  • Brand new look and feel, with the intuitive configuration interface

  • Service Desk Customer Portal support

  • Rich Data and Time formats

  • JavaScript formulas

  • Web service data sources support

  • Possibility to make the grid a required field

Check the feature comparison page for more details.

Do you provide migration from the Table Grid Editor for Jira Server to the Table Grid Next Generation?

We propose a migration program with a table grid migration tool and a path to convert your active TGE license to a TGNG license at no cost. If you are interested in the license migration, please submit a support request with all the requested details.

What Jira versions are supported ?

Table Grid Next Generation supports Jira starting from 7.4 version and higher.

How long would you support Table Grid Editor?

We plan to support the Table Grid Editor for Jira Server at least 1 year after the Table Grid Next Generation is feature complete - such that all table grid editor for server users can use the table grid next generation and have sufficient time to migrate to the new environment

Is the Table Grid Next Generation 100% backward compatible with the existing Table Grid Editor for Jira Server?

The Table Grid Next Generation is an alternative addon that overlaps the functionality of the Table Grid Editor for more than 80%. 


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