Troubleshooting & FAQ

This page provides answers for frequently asked questions on the usage and configuration using Table Grid Next Generation for Jira Cloud.

This can allow you to find solutions to your questions or problems and avoid to create a support issues for classic / known problems.



A scope is a grid configuration section, where you should define a project and an issue type, on which you want to display the grid. 
Example: you can assign one or multiple projects and issue types to the grid.


An identifier is an assisted symbolic name for the column identification. This field is required. You should input desired value here.
Example: you can identify the column in the database by this value.

Aggregation operation

An aggregation operation is an operation that helps to form a single value by grouping values of multiple.  Available operations depend on the column type selected. A List, string, checkbox and user list column types are available only for the count operation.  
Example: You can count, sum, count average, display min or max values.

Summary label

A summary label is used to display column summary title. 
Example: You can set a title for the summary row.


A checkbox is a small box that shows a particular option to chose. You can 'tick' the checkbox to select an option.
Example: Checkboxes are square boxes, which you can check when activated. They allow you to select single values for submission in a form. 


Troubleshooting & FAQ

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