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This page describes how you can transfer Table Grid Editor custom field data and configuration into Table Grid Next Generation custom field.


Introduction to the Table Grid Migration Tool

Table Grid Migration Tool is an extension for the Table Grid Next Generation application. It helps you migrate grid configuration and data from Table Grid Editor custom field to Table Grid Next Generation. You can download the tool as a separate Jira Server app

It's a simple tool with an intuitive interface. You need to select the Table Grid Editor custom field you want to migrate. Then validate the grid data and run the migration process. A new Table Grid Next Generation custom field will be created. The field will include the following data from the Table Grid Editor custom field:


Since Table Grid Next Generation is not yet feature-complete, the migration process is limited to the supported features only. Check the feature comparison table here.

The following data won't be migrated:

  • Formulas won't be migrated.
    (warning)  Formula results will be transferred into the new grid. The column type would be the same as the type of results data.
  • Data sources
  • Dynamic list with SQL queries inside
  • Driving Tables
  • Grid initialization properties
  • Multi Cascading Select custom field
  • Table Grid Reader custom field



Use a compatible version of the Table Grid Migration Tool. The version depends on the Table Grid Editor and Table Grid Next Generation versions you are using.

TGMTTGNGTGE - 1.29.11 


How to Migrate Data from TGE to TGNG