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This article describes data source functionality in the Table Grid Editor Next Generation for Jira Cloud.


The data sources allow to specify how to connect the grid to an external datadatabase, located on a remote web serviceserver. You can reuse a connection in multiple grids. 


The Data sources type is REST. We support only JSON for processing data.

You can access remote REST API using data sources in the Table Grid Editor for Jira Cloud.

Data source configuration

You can add a Data source under Data Source tab in the table grid configuration.

Available fields:

Name - name of your data source connection

Description - optional description of the data source for your reference. It will be displayed  below  the title in the Data source list. It's useful in case you want to specify  

URL -  URL address of the web service you want to connect to the grid.

Path - You can specify the path to JSON array in case you want to load a specific array from the JSON. 

Headers - allows adding header fields. You can use them in case the data source requires HTTP authentication

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You can test a connection to the data source using Test Connection button.

The data loads in a preview and you can check if it's correct.

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You can specify direct path to an array inside the JSON with the help of JSONPath expressionsData may be interactively found and extracted out of JSON structures.

JSONPath expressions always refer to a JSON structure.  Since a JSON structure is usually anonymous and doesn't necessarily have a "root member object" JSONPath assumes the abstract name $ assigned to the outer level object.

JSONPath expressions can use the dot–notation

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JSONPath square brackets operate on the object or array addressed by the previous path fragment. Indices always start by 0.

Check out our video on how to add a data source connection.

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