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Create internal shopping lists in a grid. Use the Driving Table feature to create a product list and the formula column to calculate the total of the purchase.


1. Add the database as a data source

Check out the guide on how to add a data source

2. Create a Driving Table with products 

Use the Driving Tables configuration guide to create a stand-alone table with products.



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. Configure the Data Mirroring

To save the data from the Driving Table, you need to add a Data Mirror. 

Check the Data Mirror configuration guide for more details.Image Removed

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4. Add products to the Driving Table 

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5. Create a table grid with a dynamic list of products


You can select the product from the dynamic list which is configured as a Driving Table.

When you select a product from the drop-down list, the price is added automatically to the grid. We’ve used a JavaScript-based formula column type to get the price.

The total quote for each product is calculated automatically using the formula column.