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  1. Add a new column to the grid, using formula column type  Formula.

  2. Input column's details:

    Column type - select Formula type.
    Identifier - a unique variable to identify the column. Required field - you can set the desired value here.
    Title - 
    column title, displayed in the grid. 
    Column IDs - 
    list of existing columns' IDs. Use in order to create a formula.
    Formula expression - embedded JavaScript editor, where you need to input your formula. Uses Ace Editor, which highlights the syntax. 
    Summary Label - label name, that will be used in the column summary.
    Aggregation operation -  select aggregation operation of the column data: sum, average, min/max or custom formula.
  3. Input the formula, based on the grid columns' IDs.


    Use column IDs in the formula expression.

    Code Block
    titleFormula example
        return $(salary) + $(bonus)
    } else {
        return $(salary)

  4. Save changes.